Fostering partnerships that encourage long-term relationships
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Making it Happen.

Too often the work provided by recruiters is impersonal and transactional. Larger search firms seeking to push quantity over quality rely on a mountain of half-qualified applicants to fill open positions. This approach wasn’t adequate when we were in your shoes, and it isn’t adequate today.

Our goal at GEM Global Search is to foster partnerships with our clients that encourage long-term relationships built on trust, transparency and results. Relationships are about making investments, which is why we invest a considerable amount of time getting to know you and your company from the inside out. We welcome on-site meetings that provide us the opportunity to better understand your business, its processes and its culture. Creating these face-to-face connections not only allow us to better serve you, but also promote transparency and collaboration throughout all stages of the partnership.

We know making the right placement for your organization today opens the door for opportunities tomorrow. It’s good business, but more importantly, it’s the right thing to do.


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High-priority searches, especially those that address C-suite needs, require a heightened focus of resources. Our engaged/retained search option targets these difficult searches. An initial fee engages the full capacity of our services, allowing your organization to connect with top talent.

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A risk-free option, our contingency services provide clients with access to our considerable resources and years of experience as they seek quality talent.

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Contract Staffing

Access to the right specialized professionals can mean the difference between success and failure on time-critical projects. Our expertise allows us to quickly identify the right individuals for your contract needs.

Beyond the Expected

With each of our search options, we offer the following additional services to ensure your hiring process is comprehensive and complete: transparent service fee options; leading technology and variety of sourcing platforms; custom job description assistance; vendor discount access to background and drug testing services, and personality and leadership assessments.